Splash Around When You Visit The Zoo Oasis

Water spraying out of a splash pad

Water spraying out of a splash pad
Just in case you needed another reason to visit the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, there’s now a fun way to let the kids chill out while exploring the sights and sounds of the park. The Zoo Oasis splash pad has opened for the season, and now your kids can chill out on hot days with the fountains and features of this wet wonderland right there at the zoo.

Make a Splash at the Zoo Oasis

The oasis is a symbol of relief – a cool, refreshing place to rest while the sun glows overhead. While the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is far from a sweltering desert, it’s still nice to know that there’s a cool spot where the kids can splash around and have fun on a warm day. As you stroll around the zoo, you might notice that the children in your group might need some downtime to cool off, and the splashing water of the Zoo Oasis is a fine way to beat the heat. The splash pad and its surroundings are charmingly decorated to fit the zoo environment, with features like the whale tails rising from the water, and the pelican bucket grinning overhead the refreshing fountains. It all sports a fresh coat of cool blue pant courtesy of the Louisiana Purchase Zoological Society. There are also benches around the Zoo Oasis so that you can sit down and relax while the kids play.

More to Do at the Zoo

While you’re at the zoo, you and your family will have plenty to see, as the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is home to fascinating animals from all around the world. You can see everything from prairie dogs to hippos, and creatures of all shapes and sizes in between. Your visit to the zoo is a great chance to see animals from vastly different habitats, like zebras and baboons, plus creatures that might live close by, but are still hard to glimpse in the wild, like red foxes and deer.

Hours and Location

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is located at 1405 Bernstein Park Road, Monroe, Louisiana 71202. The Zoo Oasis splashpad is open daily from May 1 through September 30. It’s open on weekends only in April and October, and it’s closed from the start of November through the end of March. Times are subject to change, but the zoo is typically open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. There’s no additional fee to enjoy the Zoo Oasis once you’ve paid the price of admission to the zoo itself.

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