Keep Your Car Cool With These Simple Tips

Foil sun shades under the windshield of a gray car parked outdoors on a sunny summer day. Reflective sun shield made of metallic silver foil protects vehicles from direct sunlight. Front view.

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, stepping into a scorching hot car can feel like stepping into an oven. The intense heat can make your driving experience uncomfortable and even dangerous. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your car cool. Use these tips from CBS News to enjoy a pleasant ride even on the hottest days.

Everyday Items That Will Keep Your Car Cool

You don’t always need expensive gadgets or accessories to keep your car cool. Sometimes, everyday items can do the trick. For instance, simply covering your steering wheel with a hand towel when you park your car can help keep it cool. The hand towel will prevent the steering wheel from becoming scorching hot and protect your hands when you start driving. Another useful everyday item is a blanket. If you have vinyl or leather seats, they can become unbearably hot under the blazing sun. To keep them cool, drape blankets over the seats during the summer. This simple trick will keep the upholstery from absorbing the sun’s heat.

Habits that Will Keep Your Car Cool

In addition to using everyday items, adopting certain habits can significantly help in keeping your car cool. First and foremost, whenever possible, park your car in a shaded area. Look for trees, buildings, or covered parking spots to shield your vehicle from direct sunlight. Parking in the shade can reduce the temperature inside your car by several degrees.

Furthermore, be mindful of the items you leave inside your car. CDs, jewelry, and other precious items can be damaged or affected by excessive heat. Store these items out of direct sunlight, either by placing them in the glove compartment or in a covered storage area. Additionally, consider parking in a garage whenever available, as it provides an added layer of protection from the sun’s heat.

Another habit that can help keep your car cool is to crack the windows slightly. This allows hot air to escape and allows fresh air to circulate, preventing the interior from becoming excessively hot. Additionally, before entering your car, leave the door open for a few minutes to allow the trapped heat to dissipate. This small action can make a noticeable difference in the temperature inside your vehicle.

Protective Accessories That Will Keep Your Car Cool

If you’re looking for additional ways to keep your car cool, there are various protective accessories available on the market. One such accessory is a solar-powered fan. This device attaches to the inside of your car window and uses solar energy to circulate air, keeping the interior cool even when parked under the sun.

Another useful accessory is a sunshade. These shades are designed to be placed on the windshield when you park your car. They reflect sunlight and prevent it from entering the vehicle, reducing the temperature inside. Additionally, using a dash cover can protect your dashboard from absorbing heat, keeping it cooler and preventing cracks or damage caused by extreme temperatures.

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Where to Buy Car Accessories

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