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Get Immersed In Nature At Black Bayou Lake NWR

The Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge is an expansive 5,300-acre property that consists of a 1,700-acre lake, swampland, plants, trees, and plenty of wildlife. It is supported in part by the Friends of Black Bayou, Inc. The group is committed to the conservation, restoration, and public appreciation of the... [read more]

Dive Into Delicious Food At Waterfront Grill

fish in almonds
It takes a lot to keep a restaurant running for even a few years, and when you sit down to dine at Waterfront Grill, you’ll see just what has kept guests coming back for decades. Visit this local restaurant soon for an excellent dining experience in Monroe! From the Water If you’re... [read more]

Keep Your Car Cool With These Simple Tips

Foil sun shades under the windshield of a gray car parked outdoors on a sunny summer day. Reflective sun shield made of metallic silver foil protects vehicles from direct sunlight. Front view.
When the summer heat becomes unbearable, stepping into a scorching hot car can feel like stepping into an oven. The intense heat can make your driving experience uncomfortable and even dangerous. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your car cool. Use these tips from CBS... [read more]

Splash Around When You Visit The Zoo Oasis

Water spraying out of a splash pad
Just in case you needed another reason to visit the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, there’s now a fun way to let the kids chill out while exploring the sights and sounds of the park. The Zoo Oasis splash pad has opened for the season, and now your kids can... [read more]