Tips To Getting Pet Hair Out Of Your Car

White dog hair on a black back seat of a car

We love our furry four-legged friends, and with the weather warming up you may be planning road trips with your pet. Don’t let their hair keep you from enjoying the wind in your hair together as you cruise down the road. Here are some tips to getting pet hair out of your vehicle so you can enjoy the beautiful weather together.

Tools To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car?

If you don’t want to see an overabundance of pet hair in your vehicle, then check out these ways to get ride of it. Not all pet hair is the same, so it could be trickier to remove the hair depending on your pet’s hair.

Tools like a lint roller, wire brush, duct tape, and pumice stone can be beneficial to removing pet hair.

How To Prevent A Build Up Of Pet Hair?

Before you plan to go on a road trip with your pet, brush them out and get as much excess hair out before they jump in your car. Keep a brush in your vehicle and whenever you need to make a stop brush them out.

You could also but seat covers on your vehicle, so that you can remove the covers and wash them with ease.

Keep Pet Allergens Out Of Your Vehicle

Keeping a clean vehicle can be helpful, but allergens can cling to your clothes and then transfer to your vehicle. You can try an anti-allergen spray to use routinely before vacuuming. It will neutralize allergens upon contact so you and your pet can ride without allergies taking over.

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Get Your Car Detailed At Jim Taylor Buick GMC

Visit Jim Taylor Buick GMC and let their team detail your vehicle. It can be difficult to remove pet hair from your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your fur baby for a ride. Just bring your car in to be detailed by their experienced staff. You can make your own memories with your pet this summer, so contact Jim Taylor Buick GMC about what services they have to offer.

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